Dopamine Detox by Thibaut Meurisse


Not recommended.


I recently picked up “Dopamine Detox” by Thibaut Meurisse. I’d seen it mentioned across various platforms, and thought since I’m on the topic, “Why not give it a go?” Welp, let me give you the lowdown on what I found.

Skin Deep

The first thing I noticed was that the book was… well, pretty shallow. Like, if this book were a puddle, you wouldn’t even get your toes wet. I came in expecting deep dives and new perspectives, but it felt like Meurisse was just skimboarding across the surface.

The Fluff

Ever had a cotton candy? That’s this book: sweet, fluffy, and dissolves into nothingness once you dive into it.


If I got a penny for every substantial piece of information I extracted from this book, I’d be in debt.

I kept flipping the pages hoping for a “Eureka!” moment that never came.


What truly grinded my gears was the contradictions. In one breath, Meurisse says, “Contrary to what many people believe, dopamine is not a pleasure chemical.” Cool, got it. But then, just a few pages later, we get, “Sugar triggers the release of dopamine and makes us feel good.”

So, Which one is it?

SEO Spam Vibes

While reading this book, I couldn’t help but shake off this feeling that the content looked eerily similar to one of those spammy SEO blog posts where you’re endlessly scrolling, sifting through repetitive keywords and fluffed-up phrases, only to realize you haven’t gained any real insights. You know, the kind where the writer seems more focused on hitting a keyword quota than providing genuine value to the reader? That was the vibe I got from this book, and it was quite the letdown.

It’s a No.

While I always advocate for reading and forming one’s own opinions, if you’re thinking about picking up “Dopamine Detox”, save your money and time and go for Dopamine Nation instead.