It’s been almost 2 years that I started a decision making diet to avoid decision fatigue and conserve my mental energy for important things in my life.

One of the things I did to achieve this was to make a list of things that are instant NO which helped in an unimaginable scale.
Here I’m going to write and update these rules to keep track of them.\

  1. I don’t watch movies/films/TV Series unless:

    • It’s a documentary.
      and \
    • It’s recommended by someone who A) is doing great things so he has to be ultra-selective B) has a spectacular set of views and mindset.
  2. I don’t watch unfinished TV series

  3. If someone/something tries to imply a sense of urgency it’s a NO.

  4. If everyone on the street is talking about it, It’s a NO e.g. “Investing” in Crypto.

  5. I don’t wear cloth with huge/visible/eye-catching brand logos. I’m not a fucking organic billboard.

  6. If it’s free, it’s a NO e.g. “Free” e-books, services, newsletters, apps, courses, etc unless:

    • they are of superior quality (boy I’m ultra picky on this one)
      and \
    • Have a clear and transparent agenda about how they make money to stay in business
  7. I don’t argue/debate with people unless they provide a clear list of things that if they’re presented with, they will change their mind. (Hint: Not a single one does. Almost no one wants to be proven wrong except for elites)

  8. If someone is trying to convince with by bombarding me with facts, It’s a No.