Mind Workout

TV is like fast food for the brain, easy to grab, easy to absorb, little to no benefits.
Social media is like cocaine; you get high on likes and pseudo-approval of random strangers, then comes the hangover and yearning for another fix.
Reading, on the other hand, is like eating healthy, but is it enough?

I know quite a few fit people; if you measure their vitals, everything is within range.
Their blood work results are impeccable.
They are fit because they are eating healthy.
But can they run a marathon or a 5k obstacle race?
Can they pick up heavy grocery bags, or do heavy yard work without breaking a sweat or hurting their backs?
No. They cant’.
Though they are fit, they are only fit for their current situation. The normal. The routine.
Add a bit of stress to their lives, and they’re not fit anymore.
They’ve never put any stress on their bodies in a controlled way. They’ve never worked out.
And the same applies to the mind.

If reading is a healthy diet for the brain, then execution is the workout.
Reading, or learning in general is a healthy diet.
Creating, executing, implementing and shipping is the workout.
And just like a physical workout, it’s an investment. It pays more the earlier you get in.
And unlike physical workout, you can’t overdo it. there’s no actual upper limit.

Create, Implement. Execute. Ship. Sooner. More.

P.S: It’s not to say that being fit for normal situations is worthless. In fact, it is a prerequisite for taking the next step.
I’m talking about going beyond normal here.