I have a habit of writing about my day in a journal, It’s been a long time since I started doing this and it really paid off.
I also have another journal that I call decision journal, I write about my decisions there, each and every decision I make, either it’s about doing business with someone or rejecting it, or about buying a stock or not, or maybe why I like or don’t like a certain person, it’s all there. And one thing that I can say for sure, is this :\

Inaction Hurts, Hope Kills.\

This weekend I was going through both my daily & decision journals to find patterns of behavior in myself that I benefit from the most so I can make changes to my daily routine in that direction, but I found something more interesting.
In almost all cases that I made a wrong decision, or experienced a loss there was a common behavior shining:\


What ever the cause, I had my worst days after I decided to do nothing about a situation, I justified it as waiting for events to unfold or not having sufficient data.
I was sitting still and hoped everything is going to be alright!
Hope in terms of sitting and wishing for things to go right is naive, harmful and dangerous.
Hope only works when you gave it your all, It only works when you did all you could do, but even then it doesn’t work in the sense of making everything right, but as a tool to reduce stress over things that are not in our control, and also as a tool to defeat regret if what we worked for didn’t happen to work out.
So here are 2 new rules for my life:\

  1. In almost every situation, doing something is better than sitting idle
  2. Even if the action in situation is to be waiting it has to be decided intentionally, not as a mere justification tool for procrastination, laziness, fear, or unintentional effects of previous bad experiences.\