Who is an expert?
An expert is someone who knows things. Someone who can predict how things will unfold, the further they can predict accurately, the more expert they are.

Who is an expert?
Someone who has the answers, and the track record to back it up.

Who is an expert?
Someone who can lead us from the stormy ocean of uncertainty to the warm and sunny beaches of certainty.
Or so we have been told.

But I dare to ask, how can anyone be certain in a world where there is almost none?

An expert, I believe, isn’t one who has the answers (or wants us to believe they do), but one who can ask the right questions.
It’s only after asking the right questions that we can start looking for an answer.
Being an expert is not about providing, or selling certainty (or a fake sense of), it’s about embracing the uncertainty, and as uncomfortable as it can be, start dancing with it.