As We Are Evolving...

Whether you’re working toward a goal, changes are inevitable. After all, the very purpose of reaching a goal, whatever the goal might be, is to make a permanent change, to form a new identity of some sort, hopefully, a positive one. Weight loss, starting your own business, getting that product out the door, or adopting a new agile process have all but one in common - You need to make changes to achieve them.

And now, we’re given two choices, we can either evolve or mutate.
Evolving means adapting to the situation, keeping things that work and making them better, and kicking out things that don’t or minimize their impact. Rinse and repeat until you get an optimized working system.
Evolution is boring, repetitive, and tedious. It doesn’t get likes on social media, it’s not going to be an instant hit, it’s something that everyone can do, and that doesn’t make for a good headline.

Mutation, on the other hand, is a lottery ticket, you go on and make random changes and hope for the best, of course, there’s a possibility that you may hit the jackpot, but the probability of it amounting to nothing and be a total waste outweighs it by orders of magnitude.
Mutation is exciting, it’s exciting because it makes promises that it can’t keep, it promises big changes that can happen overnight, it eludes you with endless possibilities while making sure you never ask about the probabilities.
Mutation is fatal, it’s death by burnout, it’s death by hope.