Some days ago I was listening to the Tim Ferris Show podcast where he interviewed Seth Godin .
Both are amazing people, and I consider both of them as my mentors.
So, as the interview was going forward, I suddenly experienced a satori.
I understood why most of these guys/gals who I look up to always said to make helping others your goal.
I thought I knew what they meant, I thought they say that because the goal of helping other humans is a noble one, worthy of one’s life.
But for me, that wasn’t it, it just didn’t click, I knew it, but I didn’t understand it.
I always made my goal to add value. Sure, adding value helps others, and helping others also adds value to their lives BUT, there’s a huge difference.
When you make helping others your priority you find out that:

  • You don’t need to be perfect to help others; you just need to be a little bit better than the ones you’re helping.\
  • You don’t care about harsh negative criticism (i.e. comments and remarks by passer-by haters) anymore because you know you’re helping, you are an expert, expert as in someone who knows more about the subject than the ones he’s helping, but you are not trying to keep that title by being flawless and perfect.
    There’s no end to how much value you can add, and it makes it easy to fall into the false cycle of perfection where you want to squeeze more value into the package, yet you are never satisfied with the quality and/or quality of your work and that will block you for eternity.\

This simple mindset shift blew up tons of my mental barriers in one go.
Amazing, isn’t it?\