Samy Ghannad

Changing Mindset From Adding Value to Helping Others

Some days ago I was listening to the Tim Ferris Show podcast where he interviewed Seth Godin .
Both are amazing people, and I consider both of them as my mentors.
So, as the interview was going forward, I suddenly experienced a satori.
I understood why most of these guys/gals who I look up to always said to make helping others your goal.
I thought I knew what they meant, I thought they say that because the goal of helping other humans is a noble one, worthy of one’s life.
But for me, that wasn’t it, it just didn’t click, I knew it, but I didn’t understand it.
I always made my goal to add value. Sure, adding value helps others, and helping others also adds value to their lives BUT, there’s a huge difference.
When you make helping others your priority you find out that:

This simple mindset shift blew up tons of my mental barriers in one go.
Amazing, isn’t it?\