Sometime ago I needed some video editing kind of work done.
I remember clearly the last time I tried to this myself, It didn’t end well…
I posted my job on multiple gig sites, and there it came the flood of requests by so many people around the world.
It was all right , until I started reading their messages.\

#1: “hi, ican do it”.

Copied exactly as it was.

What made you think that I wouldn’t trust someone who didn’t even bother to write correctly?
Surely he does his best to do high quality work for me, right?
And this wasn’t the only case, there were a lot of messages like this.
I wouldn’t trust someone who didn’t bother to even write a simple sentence correctly with my task.
Nope. I’ll pass. Next Please.\

Solution: Write like a professional.


#2: “Dear X, I am blah blah blah, and did blah blah blah, I am very intelligent and blah blah blah. [few minutes later, still reading.] Regards, John.”

Hint: It’s not about you.

Some messages where so long that I felt I am wasting my time reading them.
And it was ALL about them. EVERY.SINGLE.SENTENCE was there to show how awesome, intelligent, or smart they are.
Not even one word was about me, my problem, and how they can bring value to the table.
I’m almost certainly sure that it was just a canned response these guys send to every request.
Nope, It’s all talk here.
Next Please.\

Solution: Don’t Market the Product, Market the Benefits.

I don’t care if your IQ is 210 or 100. All I need you to do is to deliver within the criteria. That’s all. Stop talking about how awesome you are, instead answer this golden question:

What Value Can You Bring/Create/Capture for Your Potential Customer? How Can You Help Me?

Answer that instead of blabbering.


#3: “Very Low Price”

Yep. That’s a big turn off.
I’m not recommending to ask for astronomical prices, your pricing should be within your industry’s range. You see? It’s a RANGE, It has a minimum and a maximum, when you’re pricing too low, it brings up questions.
Thins about it :
I’m providing a steak for 2 Cents. Would you eat that?
I guess not.
You’re going to ask yourself, “Why is this steak so cheap?”, “What’s the problem with it?”.
Same goes here.\

The only exception to the pricing rule is if you’re providing a premium service, whether it’s a very different kind of service, or you have a strong brand etc.\
Solution: Don’t Price Too Low.

After all, I went with someone who explained to me what she can do for me, suggested some minor changes that I gladly accepted, and had a fair, trustable price.\

Thanks for reading,